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Kris McGregor met her husband Bruce while they were working at the same rock radio station in Minnesota. The McGregor’s have been married for 28 years, a number which confounds those who knew them then, but affirms both of their mother’s belief in the power of prayer. Because of Bruce’s very successful career as a radio programmer with some of the largest broadcast groups in the country (Milwaukee, Detroit, Orlando and Baltimore), they’ve lived and traveled far and wide, but 9 years ago they finally said “enough” and they returned to the nest they call home…Omaha, Nebraska. The McGregor’s would return to be a part of Spirit Catholic Radio. With Bruce as station programmer and Kris’ education and experience in theology and ministry within the Catholic Church (having served as a DRE, Pastoral Minister and Liturgist), they would once again work together in radio for 5 years on the “Spirit Morning Show” .

Kris has interviewed literally hundreds of today’s major educators, authors and evangelists in (and outside) the Catholic Church. She has broadcast from areas as far away as Rome and as remote as the mountain tops of Guatemala. Kris has also produced a wide range of series under the banner “Discerning Hearts presents” with topics ranging from the Fathers of the Church to Christian Spirituality and Apologetics to Women’s Fertility, hosting series for Catholic leaders like Mike Aquilina, Joseph Pearce, Dr. Thomas Hilgers, Deacon James Keating, and Dr. R. R. Reno to name a few. As the host of “Inside the Pages”, Kris talks with many of today’s most compelling authors and which is heard on Catholic Radio stations around the country. She has also given numerous talks on subjects ranging from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Media and the Family.

Her latest endeavor is “Discerning Hearts”, a Catholic website which was recently selected as by the OSV readers guide to the Internet, as one of the top spots highlighting Catholic Spirituality. She was also invited by the Pontifical Council for Social Communication to participate in the first ever “Blogger Gathering” in Rome on May 2, 2011, the day after the beatification of John Paul II, who some would say is the Father of the New Evangelization.

Bruce and Kris have 3 unique kids (2 of which are challenged with autism) and 3 unique dogs (all challenged with being Pugs).

Here I am with my wonderful husband, Bruce…he’s the best man I know! We’ve had great fun working together on KVSS Spirit Catholic Radio’s – Spirit Morning Show!!!

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5 thoughts on “Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor – Insights from today’s most compelling authors”

  1. Hi Kris,

    This is the most awesome website!!! I wish I had an MP3 to download stuff to listen to. Wow! So impressive. Heard you on the radio yesterday from Rome — beautiful. God bless you, your family, and all the great work you do.

  2. Thank you for all you do for us. This is a great apostolate that you have. I find your voice reading the classics very soothing and prayerful. It is a meditation in itself just listening to you reading the texts. May God bless you and every member of your family. May you enjoy many more years of good companionship with your husband Bruce.

  3. I am a Catholic priest, and Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor has been nourishing my spiritual life and my knowledge of the richness of my Catholic tradition. It also inspired me to a grow in holiness. It is an excellent podcast. Kris is an excellent interviewer who helps her interviewee to present the best coverage and treatment of his/her subject. She also has a pleasant presence over the air. I recommend this podcast to all who wants to grow in the Christian faith.

  4. I listen to your discerning hearts, inside the pages, the praying of the novenas with your husband, sharing your faith journey with us. I always ask myself why can’t young couples listen to couples who are helping each other grow spiritually and lovingly. God bless your hardwork and reward you with eternal life.
    I pray for Discerning Hearts” daily. I am a poor Religious with no income. But, with the most essential weapon God gave me free of charge (the gift of prayer). Thank you for your sacrifices. Your admirer

  5. I cannot choose which is the most valuable part of Discerning Hearts for me; I truly love and profit from it all. Over time it has become a mainstay in my daily routine. The regular contributors (Gallagher, Keating, Lilles, Esseff, Bunson, Czak, Aquilina, Thigpen) add such comfort and stability to my life in these unpredictable times. I value the depth of spirituality, as well as the meaningful content that each provides, all delivered in a low key way.

    I cannot say enough good about Kris. She always astounds me with her insightful comments & questions, as well as her breadth of knowledge. I appreciate how she allows the guests to speak. Also, I love the tonal quality of her voice.

    Thank you for quaterbacking this essential platform. It gives me much to think about and helps me to try and be my best self. (You should also know that I have purchased about a dozen books as a result of Inside the Pages.)


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