IP#51 Allan Wright – The Bible’s Best Love Stories on Inside the Pages

God is love.  What does that mean?  What does it look like?  How do we love, especially when it’s a tremendous challenge? Allan F. Wright leads us into our Sacred Scripture to find the answers to these and so many more questions of the heart and mind. “The Bible’s Best Love Stories” is a wonderful book to reflect and ponder the gift of the Word of God and it’s lived out in the lives of our biblical ancestors.  They model for us how we can “love” as well!


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1 thought on “IP#51 Allan Wright – The Bible’s Best Love Stories on Inside the Pages”

  1. I loved the interview and ordered the book.
    I was particularly touched by the David/Abigail love relationship…….
    I am giving an evening of reflection to a parish group of women who come together each Advent. They host a “table” and they go “all out” decorating the table, providing gifts and some edibles: all with the emphasis on building up the Church, the Body of Christ with and for each other.
    I’ve been invited to speak on Mary/Elizabeth…… I’ll recommend the book, but I’m going to use that David/Abigail part of the story to reflect on how Abigail’s love gave Mary/Elizabeth the great courage to love as Jewish women! Thanks!


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