IP#235 Fr. R. Scott Hurd – When Faith Feels Fragile on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

It’s a rare believer that doesn’t feel  challenged at times in the area of faith.  For those occasions, Fr. R. Scott Hurd provides wiseFr-Scott counsel and encouragement in “When Faith Feels Fragile:  Help for the Wary, Weak, and Wandering.”  Fr. Scott has an engaging and pastorally sensitive approach to many of the common issues that cause us to stumble on the journey of faith.  A great book even if you feel your faith is strong, and to passed on to those you may know who are struggling.


You can find the book here

At some point in our life, our faith is tested. It can feel like God is hidden and out of reach. We wonder if we can we count on God’s presence. When Faith Feels Fragile teaches us how to recognize the many ways that God touches us in the course of our daily routine. Drawing on the practical wisdom of life’s experience, Father Scott Hurd explores the deeper spiritual meaning by finding parallels in Scripture and Christian spirituality. We learn how to “open ourselves up to the gift of faith and hold it close to our hearts.”

-His Eminence Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington


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