IP#256 Dr. Scott Hahn – Evangelizing Catholics on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Dr.-Scott-Hahn-1-What a delight to once again speak with Dr. Scott Hahn, especially about his exceptionally important book  Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization”. Who should have this book? Everyone!  Just the right mix for the adult Catholic to digest: part history book, part theology book, steeped in Scared Scripture, a sacramental feast,  anointed by the Holy Spirit…this work is just what the Church needs at this time.  If I had my way, every Catholic community would be passing out this book after mass even more eagerly than it does it’s parish bulletin! HIGHLY ENCOURAGED READING!

  Evangelizing-CatholicsYou can find the book here

You can’t keep the faith unless you give it away. That’s a fact. To be a Christian is to be an evangelizer. When the Catholic Church calls us to a “New Evangelization,” that’s  simply a reminder to us of what has always been true. The good news is: you can do it – you can evangelize – and Scott Hahn shows you how. In this this very practical “mission manual” Dr. Hahn equips you with: A guide to understanding what the New Evangelization is, and who it’s really for A roadmap that leads you to where it all happens (hint: it’s closer than you think) A simple, beautiful message to share – in words and actions You don’t need esoteric knowledge. You don’t need to master a new set of skills. Evangelization, for Catholics, is simply friendship raised up to the highest level. Enter a deeper friendship with Christ, and you’ll want to share his companionship more and more with a wider circle of friends.

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