IP#94 Gregory Erlandson – Great Teachers by Pope Benedict XVI

Gregory Erlandson, president and publisher of the Our Sunday Visitor Publishing, joins us once again to discuss the tremendous work of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict and his reflections and teachings on “The Great Teachers”. Greg offers fantastic insight on the teachings of Pope Benedict  and the need we have for it in the Church today.

“To renew the Church in every age, God raises up saints, who themselves have been renewed by God and are in constant contact with God.” Pope Benedict XVI

Discover the greatest teachers of the Faith as Pope Benedict XVI highlights their essential role during a time of scandal and strife in the Church.

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Great Teachers include:

–Hugh and Richard of Saint-Victor
–William of Saint-Thierry
–Rupert of Dutz
–John of Salisbury
–Peter Lombard
–St. Francis of Assisi
–St. Dominic Guzman
–St. Anthony of Padua
–St. Bonaventure
–St. Albert the Great
–St. Thomas Aquinas
–John Duns Scotus

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