IP#241 Emily Stimpson – These Beautiful Bones on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Emily-Stimpson“These Beautiful Bones:  An Everyday Theology of the Body” is the book I’ve been waiting for, thank you Emily Stimpson!  A book about the Theology of the Body, the great teachings from Bl. Pope John Paul II, that isn’t all about SEX!  What Emily has done is truly remarkable….she has presented to us just how practical this  great teaching is and how it can be applied to the varied aspects of our everyday lives.  Emily has an engaging writing style which is filled with humor and insight.  A wonderful work and a must have for the Catholic library.

These-beautiful-bonesYou can find the book here

“As a writer, Emily Stimpson always brings to her readers a unique combination of deep wisdom, practical insight and personal experience. In These Beautiful Bones, she uses the sacramental lens of the liturgy to explore a wide range of activities in daily life. Whether it’s your eating habits or clothing styles, the dignity of hard work or the pitfalls of pop culture, you will find in this book lots of graceful guidance in living out the physical side of being spiritual. ” — Dr. Scott Hahn, Internationally renowned author and biblical theologian


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