IP#123 Michael O’Brien – A Father’s Tale on Inside the Pages

Michael O’Brien has gone beyond his previous work to bring us an incredible tale of love, forgiveness…holiness.  “A Father’s Tale” is a pilgrim’s journey told in a way that stands up with greats like Tolkien and Lewis.  The prayerful reflection he pours into his work is born from his skill as a writer of icons.  Here, his pallette consists of  words, and he layers them as carefully as he does his works of art…in plot, character and storytelling.  “A Father’s Tale”  is deeply statisfying and leaves you desiring more.   Our conversation with Michael is is a wonderful one.  This is the book you’ll enjoy spending time with.

“In this epic tale of the complex and mysterious workings of love, O’Brien takes his readers on a harrowing intercontinental odyssey, offering them an inside view both of brutal torture and mystical transport in which the dark incongruities of divine providence reorder faith and hope so that love becomes fully possible.”
– David Lyle Jeffrey, Ph.D.  Distinguished Professor of Literature and the Humanities, Baylor University


You can find the book here

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