IP#265 Patricia Ann Kasten – Making Sense of Saints on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

“Making Sense of Saints: Fascinating Facts about Relics, Patrons, Saint-Making and More” by author Patricia Ann Kasten is a Patricia-Ann-Kastendelightful book!  Not only is the canonization process fully illuminated, but Patricia has filled the book with fascinating stories and little known facts.    Everything you ever wanted to know, from the use of relics and holy cards to how miracles are determined can be found in this excellent book brought to us by publisher, Our Sunday Visitor.  A thoroughly engaging read.

Making-Sense-of-SaintsYou can find the book here

You’ll be fascinated and delighted by topics such as: Just Four Easy (Sort of) Steps: The Canonization Process “Doesn’t He Just Glow? Saints’ Symbols “There’s a Man Buried under the Altar!” Relics of Saints “Holy Haloes, God-Made Man!” Saints and Martyrs as Superheroes “Yo-ho-ho!” The Treasure Chest of the Church And much more!

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