IP#196 Mark Brumley – “Knowing God” on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Mark-Brumley-200x300It’s great to be joined once again by Mark Brumley, this time to discuss  “Knowing God: God and the Human Condition” (previously titled God and the Human Mind) authored by the great Catholic writer, teacher, and publisher Frank Sheed.   Written in 1966 during the time of the Second Vatican Council, Sheed  addresses the most challenging questions the human mind can pose about God, without presenting answers in dry academic way.  Instead, because of his gifted writing style, he engages the reader with a desire to discover “mystery” in all its forms.

51e7dpFeAiL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_You can find the book here

“This book is vintage Sheed: clear, commonsensical, and convincing. This is the Sheed of the two masterpieces of apologetics Theology and Sanity and Society and Sanity. But this is also a new Sheed: older and wiser, more practical and human–the post-Vatican II Sheed. I mean this in all the good senses, the John Paul II senses: he is sensitive to the dangers of “the good old days”: verbalism, “dead orthodoxy,” rationalism, deism, what Sheed calls “theometry” instead of theology: an abstract, formal theological geometry that only wants to define terms and win debating points. Instead, this book is a kind of theological midrash, a deepening, a spelunking in the caves of the deepest mysteries with the clear light of honest words–honest with heart as well as head. It unites dogmatic theology with lived religion. It is precisely the breath of fresh air that Pope John XXIII opened the windows for, and in terms the layman can clearly grasp. —– Peter Kreeft, Author, Because God is Real

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