Living Faith in the World

Enter this room to explore the question: How can we live our faith in the world?  It’s a daunting task, but Our Lord did not leave us orphan!

From the experience of missionary activity of the Church, to the living out of Catholic Social Doctrine, from the challenges of current political and economic systems, to the morality of health care ethics and responses….discerning hearts can find guidance in conscience formation and right response in the teachings of the Church based on the person of Jesus Christ.

Inside the Pages w/Kris McGregor

Living Faith in the World

Cultural Apologetics with Joseph Pearce

GWML#10 William Shakespeare (Hamlet and Macbeth) - Great Works in Western Literature with Joseph Pearce - Discerning Hearts 1

Omar F. A. Gutierrez - Catholic Social Teaching

RN-11 – Value 5-5 – Solidarity – Regnum Novum w/ Omar Gutierrez

Way of Life w/ Dr. Carson Holloway

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Omar F. A. Gutierrez, M.A - Catholic Social Teaching 10