Mark Hart – The Bible Geek “Answers from the Word” and more

“Answers from the Word” with the “Bible Geek” Mark Hart

Mark Hart is a former teen, CORE member, and youth minister in LIFE TEEN, and now proudly serves as Vice President of LIFE TEEN. A graduate from the University of Notre Dame, and an author of many books, Mark’s creative work on videos and written resources are known internationally. In his free time, Mark travels the globe leading conferences, retreats, missions, and trainings for teens and adults alike.

Mark has traveled throughout North America, Europe and Australia teaching and preaching the faith to hundreds of thousands of youth and adults. He has spoken at World Youth Days and dozens of Diocesan Youth Conferences and Eucharistic Congresses. His summers are spent evangelizing at Steubenville and Notre Dame Summer Youth Conferences, and through LIFE TEEN Camp experiences. In addition, Mark trains youth ministers at National LIFE TEEN Conferences and Retreat experiences, leads Parish Missions and speaks on college and high school campuses around the country.  While he serves as the Vice President of LIFE TEEN, he is known to tens of thousands simply as the “Bible Geek ®” Mark passionately echoes the gospel to all he encounters. He is as deep as he is funny, and his love for his wife and kids is second only to his immense love for Jesus Christ.

Mark Hart – The Bible Geek “Answers from the Word” and more

2 thoughts on “Mark Hart – The Bible Geek “Answers from the Word” and more”

  1. Hello! This is just the type of resource I need. Thank you for the ministerial work you do! I am the middle school religion teacher at St. Francis on Hilton Head Island. We are about to finish your ENCOUNTER DVD series and the students (grades 6-8) have enjoyed this more than any other event this year. THEY WOULD LOOOOVE TO HAVE MARK HART visit us at the end of the school year.

    We plan to start the Altaration DVD study soon. When I mentioned I would inquire about having Mark Hart come visit us and speak, all students went wild. Is there a date he is available between now and May 2016 for a visit to Hilton Head Island? I’ll be praying….

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Sarah Rougeux

  2. Hello Mark,
    You are a blessing to mall of Us.
    You understanding of the Bible has helped me a lot.
    Recently I signed up for a Bible correspondence course from Herbert W. Armstrong.
    I’m trying to understand the holy book. Can I ask if this sort of course is good for a Christian
    or should I try to interpret the Bible myself. The Bible is sometimes very hard to really understand.
    Any thoughts?
    Happy Easter to You and Your Family


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