IP#119 Dr. Brennan Pursell – History in His Hands on Inside the Pages

“History in His Hands -A Christian Narrative” …What a phenomonal book!  Not since “The Fulfillment of All Desires” have I been this excited about a work.  Brennan Pursell has brought the head to the heart and he’s done it with human history…outstanding!  More than even a history of mankind,  it is a history of  LOVE;  God is LOVE and our response to Him throughout time is what shapes our past, our present, and provides us a tentative direction for our future…where will our choices lead us? Dr. Brennan Pursell is one of my new heroes.  Do not let this one pass you by!

  “A refreshing tour through familiar territory from an unfamiliar perspective. Dr. Pursell allows a convert’s vibrancy of faith to inform his historical analysis without oversimplifying it.”  —Fr. John Bartunek, author, The Better Part

Check out the book here

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