IP#272 Dr. Vincent Ryan – Sven Stolpe’s “The Maid of Orleans” on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Dr. Vincent Ryan joins us to discuss Sven Stolpe’s “The Maid of Orleans: The Life and Mysticism of Joan of Arc”.

There have been many books written about this fascinating French saint, but this one is a standout because it’s author sees Joan of Arc as primarily a mystic.  By making this shift, from the nationalistic accomplishments of Joan the leader to Joan the woman steeped in prayer and called to respond, Stolpe provides a refreshing understanding of her motivation and legacy. Dr. Ryan, assistant professor of history at Aquinas College, Nashville, TN, who wrote the introduction to this Ignatius Press release,  provides wonderful insights that help readers better appreciate the book as well as Joan of Arc the mystical saint.  Marvelous.

You can find the book here

“There have been many books about Joan of Arc, but none surpass this study by a Swedish biographer in its recreation of Joan’s milieu, the vividness of its narrative, and its sensitive understanding of the mystery of her life and death.” —James Hitchcock, Ph. D., Author, History of the Catholic Church

“As an actress who portrayed Joan of Arc on stage, this beautiful work by Sven Stolpe made her come alive again, but in a much deeper mystical way for me. Stolpe leads us through the complex and incredible journey Heaven asked of Joan the maid. He strips away the legends about her and gets to the heart of her profound sanctity.” —Mother Dolores Hart, OSB, Author, The Ear of the Heart

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