6 thoughts on “Audio Readings of Spiritual Classics”

  1. I made this my daily spiritual readings. The voice and pace are perfect which helps me mediate on the words which I can listen over again with ease for deeper reflection, when necessary and without the harmful effect on my eyes as in reading digital books. Thanks.

  2. Thank you very much for these podcasts. I listening along especially with the Stations of the Cross. It helps me. Appreciate it. God Bless

  3. Never knew there is such a huge inheritance in Christ Through the holy Catholic church, but now I have discovered the hidden treasures. No turning back. I must share in the fullness of deity in Christ Jesus through the holy catholic and apostolic church.

  4. I just found Discerning Hearts. I am so excited to have so much access to the treasures of the Catholic Church. Thank you for this app and all the diamonds I have to look forward to in this jewel.

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