IP#356 “What Really Happens After We Die” pt. 2 – James Papandrea on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

What a delight to be joined once again by Dr. James Papndrea, especially to discuss his book “What Really Happens After We Die:  There Will Be Hugs in Heaven.”  In part 2 of this podcast, we discuss Heaven and the reality of Hell.

You can find the book here

From the book description:

Here professor of Church history Dr. James Papandrea gathers in one place all that is known about the afterlife — drawn from the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, the Church Fathers, and the Church’s Magisterium — affording, for the first time ever, a complete, authoritative, detailed portrait of the state of souls after death and the realms we enter. The following are among the many questions he answers:

-If, as St. Paul says, “flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God,” how can our bodies enter Heaven?

-After death but before the final resurrection, are we simply unconscious?

-What is our resurrection like? (And does it differ from Jesus’ Resurrection?)

-Are ghosts real? (You’ll be surprised at what the Church Fathers have to say.)

-What is the difference between Heaven and Paradise?

-Which of our parts will accompany us to Heaven (and which must be left behind)?

-In Heaven, do we still eat and drink?

-If, as Jesus says, there’s no marrying in heaven, are we still male and female there?

-After our resurrection, will we, like Jesus, be able to pass through matter?

-And many more fascinating questions answered!

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