IP#202 Fr. Donald Calloway – Under the Mantle on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

“Under the Mantle: Marian Thoughts from a 21st Century Priest” is fantastic!  Fr. Donald Calloway’s books just keep getting better and better.  In this work, he Fr.-Callowaybegins this journey with Our Lady, who then guides the reader through the rich treasures found in the Church established by her Son, Jesus Christ.  Through the Sacraments, to the depth of devotion found in our spiritual practices, and then with a  rich appreciation of what authentic manhood and femininity truly are,  Fr. Calloway explores the many facets of our faith.   This book is a book well suited for everyday mystagogia.  Without ever dumbing down the content, Fr. Calloway’s writing style is engaging and designed for “joe or josephine”  pew person.  This book is perfect for those who are in the RCIA, for folks who have completed a consecration preparation to Our Lady, or for anyone just looking for a more penetrating study of the faith.  You will not be disappointed!  And what a beautiful tribute to Our Blessed Mother!

Under-the-MantleYou can find the book here

“We are living in an extraordinary time of grace and mercy. It is a time in which many people, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, are experiencing a renewed appreciation for the sacred and unchanging truths of Catholicism. Though the vast majority of universities and colleges today indoctrinate their students into the dictatorship of moral relativism, the media puts forth an ideology of rampant secularism, and the political realm is filled with proponents of a culture of death, nevertheless, it is in these times that Jesus, through the Immaculata, is raising up a new generation of Catholics. In Under the Mantle: Marian Thoughts from a 21st Century Priest, Fr. Calloway masterfully blends together aspects of his own conversion story with profound theological insights into Catholicism, presenting everyone from “Joe six-pack in the pew” to a seminary rector with incredibly vivid and thought-provoking analogies into why it is so important for a Christian to live under the mantle of Mary. I very highly recommend that everyone read this book! ”
-Very Rev. Douglas Mosey, C.S.B., Ph.D. President-Rector
Holy Apostles College & Seminary. Cromwell, CT

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2 thoughts on “IP#202 Fr. Donald Calloway – Under the Mantle on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor”

  1. I met Fr. Calloway this last weekend @ the Midwest Catholic Family Conference in Kokomo, IN.
    I am a drug and alcohol abusing Deadhead from Milwaukee, WI and am currently waiting to go into a long term Rehab in Louisville, KY.
    Since Sunday I have almost finished ” No Turning Back ” and can’t wait to get into ” Under the Mantel”. I bought them both at the conference and talked with Fr. Calloway two times.
    He is SO AWESOME and has made a huge change in my life.
    Please share this and if possible, let Fr. Calloway know.

    He told me my story that I shared with him, was the most awesome thing he had heard at the convention and he would pray for me while I go thru the 4- 6 month journey in the Rehab.
    Thank God for him as he has bought me back to God and the Catholic Church–
    and now Our Blessed Virgin. Thank you — I will be praying for him.

    FYI — the Healing Place is where I will be going — and now, not alone!

  2. Dear Fr Calloway,
    I am looking so forward to reading your book- I am leading
    Fr Gaitley’s “Consoling the Heart to Jesus” retreat and our
    last session is this week!
    I just have to say “AWESOME” since Pope Francis went to your
    favorite basilica and put all of us “UNDER THE MANTLE” of Our
    Lady!! Also for Our BLessed Mother to bless Rome!! I am
    always telling those who have ask for my prayers that I am asking
    Our Lady to enfold you in Her loving Mantle and placing them in
    Her Immaculate Heart!!
    Our Catholic Church is so blessed with Pope Francis being a
    Pope of prayer!! I am so looking forward to the spiritual journey
    with him!!
    Under Mary’s Mantle & with Jesus Her Son
    Donna Barnard


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