IP#204 Gregory Erlandson – Papal Election 2013 and the “American Moment” on Inside the Pages

The New Evangelization, during this Year of Faith, has experienced an incredible moment with the Papal Conclave convened to elect the 265th successor to St. Gregory-Erlandson-2Peter!  We had a chance to talk with someone on the ground covering this historic moment first hand…Gregory Erlandson.  As Publisher and President of the Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, Greg brings incredible insight on what is occurring at this historic moment having spent years in Rome reporting on the activities of our universal Church.  In our conversation, we discuss the unprecedented numbers of  media outlets from around the world covering the event and what that might mean for the New Evangelization.   Is there an “American Moment” occurring at this conclave as some suggest, and if so, what could this unexpected influence have on the Papal Election and the Church around the world?  Gregory Erlandson, besides being one of the wisest (as well as nicest) men I know,  is truly a balanced seeker of truth and a master communicator of the beauty offered by our Catholic faith…no hype here, but always with an encouraging call to deeper prayer and trust.

osv1From Greg’s blog posting at the OSV Blog:

So, what are the chances that we will have an American pope? If the forecasts are correct (a big if), and if the received wisdom is at all wise, the American options become more likely if the first ballots do not signal a clear front-runner – Cardinals Angelo Scola, Odilo Scherer and Marc Ouellet perhaps – capable of winning two-thirds of the votes.

What dramas play out in the Sistine Chapel and in the conversations taking place back in the cardinals’ “hotel” we may not find out for months, but Vatican observers, for perhaps the first time ever, are not discounting the Americans, and that in itself is a big deal.

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