IP#159 Brian O’Neel -Saint Who?: 39 Holy Unknowns on Inside the Pages

We love to hear the stories of the lives of the saints, especially those we are not familiar with!  So we owe a big thank you to
Brian O’Neel for shining the light on 39 holy unknowns in “Saint Who?”.    Men and women, clerics, religious, and laity, married and single, there’s story from all walks of life.  The book contains a short biography of each saint, a section on why that saint merits our attention and devotion today, and a short prayer.  He also discusses with us what makes a blessed, what makes them a saint.  A wonderful read.

You can find the book here

From Servant Books:

Thousands of saints are formally recognized by the Catholic Church. While some are household names, have you heard of:

  • St. Bathilde, the slave queen?
  • St. Pietro Parenzo, the heavenly politician?
  • Bl. Sebastian de Aparicio, the first cowboy?
  • St. Mary Helen MacKillop, the excommunicated saint?

From these now-obscure saints or blesseds come amazing stories of virtue, vice, and the triumph of grace. Brian O’Neel tells these tales, often colorful and always compelling, with humor tempered by an obvious love for his subjects, explaining why they deserve our attention and devotion.

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