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Christopher-WestChristopher West continues to offer to us work that is compelling, as well as challenging, in regards to our deepest desires…the yearning in our hearts that can only find rest in God.  Through the Scriptures, the writings of the Saints, and the teachings of the Church, Christopher West helps us to understand that so much of what we seek and how we seek it, especially expressed through our bodies, cannot be authentically found in what our culture offers.  The only place where true peace, joy, and fulfillment can be found is in the abundant love and grace  which resides in the Heart of  God who longs for us…it is up to us to respond.


fill-these-heartsYou can find the book here

“Christopher West is a gifted and effective evangelist with a passion for tackling one of the greatest obstacles to belief today: the heresy that Christianity is a joyless, rule-bound religion. Not so, argues West, in this timely, powerful book. Drawing upon Scripture, the saints and the glimmers of truth in pop culture, West reminds us that Christianity is essentially a love story, and Christian sexual ethics exist to help us fulfill, not repress, our deepest desires. For anyone who has ever doubted that Christ’s call to purity of heart is good news, Fill These Hearts will prove a surprising and consoling read, one with the potential to change your life as well as your mind.”
–Colleen Carroll Campbell, author of My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir

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