IP#39 Mike Aquilina – A Year With The Church Fathers on Inside the Pages

“A Year with the Church Fathers: Patristic Wisdom for Daily Living” by Mike Aquilina is outstanding. St. Benedict Press has produced a beatiful book worthy of the content within it’s pages.  But better still is the wisdom passed down through the ages which is contextualized and offered to us by acknowledged Patristic expert, Mike Aquilina.  The perfect gift for a friend, family member, or even yourself.  A gift from the fathers of the Church waiting to be unwrapped!

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  1. Every book of Mike Aquuilina’s that I have given as a gift has been really liked! I have not given as many of the A Year With the Church Fathers because it is a bit more costly but I have given a few and they are favorites of the recipients. They tell me all the time how much they ‘love this book!” I have one friend in Canada who calls and reads his to me – I have my own but he likes to share his. Fun! I do follow along. He is not reading “in order” now as he powered through it when he first got it. So he goes through to his favorites.

    Mike’s other books are such great gifts; I know I have given 35 or 40 of Love in the Little Things. I can count if you need an exact number! I take great delight in telling the story of how Amazon would not let me have more copies when I reached about 20, as the publisher will not let them sell over a certain amount, even if they have them available, to the same buyer. However, at the beginning of this year they let me back in and I quickly bought at least 14 or 15 more. I think 20 may be the cut off.

    There is nothing Mike has written or said that is not worth the knowing. I am a convert and the first thing I needed to know was all about the Early Church Fathers. ECF are his middle initials, I think. Mike ECF Aquilina. Looks good to me!


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