IP#186 Ann Engelhart – Be Saints! on Inside the Pages

“Be Saints!  An invitation from Pope Benedict XVI”, edited by Amy Welborn and illustrated by Ann Engelhart is simply wonderful, a must for every family library.  Marvelous for children and adults alike, this compilation is taken from the talks given by Pope Benedict to children during his 2010 visit to England.  In this conversation with Ann Engelhart, we discuss this work.  We  also discuss the nature of art and beauty, in particular for children, and it’s ability to evangelize.

You can find the book here

From the description:

In this very colorful book by acclaimed artist Ann Englehart, the Pope’s words come to life as he interacts with the children, showing all children how only God can satisfy the deepest needs of our hearts.

Interspersed are prayers and quotes from various saints including Saint Francis, Saint Ignatius, Mother Teresa, St. Paul, St. Peter and more. They all emphasize that the most important thing we can become in this life is a Saint, a true friend of Jesus.

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