IP#24 Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer – Demonic Abortion on Inside the Pages

“Demonic Abortion” is the provocative new book by Fr. Thomas Euteneur. It is a companion to his incredibly successful “Exorcism and the Church Militant”. For anyone engaged in the Pro-life struggle, what he reveals really is not a surprise at all.  Fr. Euteneur articulates what we have held in our hearts, but in many cases could not describe fully…the heart just knows this evil has a leader and a purpose.  But the great news is that the victory is the Lord’s and He has given us all we need to engage in this battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of our brothers and sisters affected by demonic abortion.    This IS the spiritual battle of our time, from it all other evil pales in comparison. BE NOT AFRAID!  Knowing the enemy is half the battle.  The Church Militant is called now to stand…to stand for the unborn and their mothers, to stand with Our Lady, to stand up for the Gospel of Life.

Pick up a copy of either one or both
(go for both they are more than worth it) at www.exorcismbook.com

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  1. i believe Father Tom has a mission to save the unborn God has given him and to fight evil i pray for Father Tom everyday and hope he prays for my family and i cause it is so hard with so many attacks from satan everywhere. to Jesus be the Victory Glory to God in all things Amen! “All things work together unto good for those who Love the Lord” God has often used my failures and sins for me to have greater understanding of others weaknesses and stronger committment to overcome through constant begging knowing i am unable to go one millisecond without Jesus Grace.
    God Bless you FAther Tom keep up the good fight and keep us in prayer Love always edieanne and the thiemann family


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