IP#283 Sr. Regina van den Berg – Communion with Christ according to St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross on Inside the Pages w/ Kris McGregor podcast


In “Communion with Christ according to Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross” Sr. Regina van den Berg, F.S.G.M has authored a compelling exploration on the life and teachings of the extraordinary 20th century philosopher Edith Stein, who would convert from Judaism to the Christian faith and become religious sister in the Order of Carmel.  This book is a diamond, with each chapter a shining facet which illuminates St. Teresa’s “spirituality of communion” and her quest for “Truth”.  The whole section on Edith Stein’s theory of empathy and her understanding of community makes this a must have for those on the spiritual journey!  Don’t miss.

Communion-with-ChristYou can find the book here
“Sister Regina unveils the depths of Edith Stein’s insights, revealing Stein’s nuanced account of community between women and men, human and angelic communities, membership in the Mystical Body, etc. An impressive achievement that teaches much about how to be more fully human.”
– Sarah Borden Sharkey, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Wheaton College”This book will help the reader deepen an appreciation for the significance of Teresa Benedicta/Edith Stein in contemporary debates.”
– Fr. John Sullivan, O.C.D., Institute of Carmelite Studies

2 thoughts on “IP#283 Sr. Regina van den Berg – Communion with Christ according to St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross on Inside the Pages w/ Kris McGregor podcast”

  1. In an era where spirituality- if not dry because hearts are not affected, but Christian spirituality is conflated with emotions; reflectiveness with sentimententality and personal feelings, I am finding DiscerningHearts the best in Catholic Social Media.

    Many Thanks Chris, in particular for the great interview Podcasts on Dark Nights of The Soul. If not a difficult read- Saint John writings for those who either go through the Dark Nights, the interview is the best and has put me in a better mien for my Spiritual Vocation and writing on Restoration of Genuine Worship. The subject of visions, locutions and apparitions is never easy in the initial stages, with it prayers of the heart are not well presented by Priests, Ignatian Self Examen less so.

    DiscerningHearts interview with Fr. Timothy Gallagher is most illuming and prayerful, and the few notes that I shared with fellow Catholics and Christians are simply an answer to prayer because they are from prayer themselves.
    Spiritual Formation – with it Spiritual Direction should not only be for Priests and Religious. They are for all- to at least emphasize the importance of the 4steps of Christian Perfection, than to be disenchanted with the painful trials – with them the drift in Liturgical Life that stands to be enhanced by high and reflective calibre of your spiritual work.

    Many Thanks to You Chris, Fr. Timothy Gallagher and Fr. Donald Haggerty. We look forward to your visit in South Africa


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