Deacon James Keating PhD – Director of Theological Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation

ROHC #3 Deacon James Keating – Heart of Hope part 3 - Discerning Hearts

Resting on the Heart of Christ with
Deacon James Keating PhD

Here are the various series on
Prayer and Spirituality

Fr. Timothy Gallagher – Discernment of Spirits 7

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Heart of Hope: Suffering and the Cross

Baptism: Born from Above

Communion with Christ

Marriage in the Lord

The School of Prayer

Listening for Truth

Crossing the Desert

Way of Mystery

Other Talks and Reflections by Deacon Keating

WOM#12 –  The Liturgy of the Eucharist part 4: the Communion Rite - The Way of Mystery with Deacon James Keating episode 12 - Discerning Hearts

Deacon James Keating

Deacon James Keating“Marriage in the Lord:  Poured Out for Love” and “Communion in Christ: Practical Prayer”
hosted by Kris McGregor are now available as CD Audio Sets at

More from Deacon Keating and the Institute for Priestly Formation


Deacon James Keating, PhD, the director of Theological Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation, located at Creighton University, in Omaha,

3 thoughts on “Deacon James Keating PhD – Director of Theological Formation for the Institute for Priestly Formation”

  1. Thanks for getting the Deacon Keating materials accessible again. We have tremendously enjoyed listening to his MP3 and series that you have made available. We are growing in our prayer life and interior life because of this! God Bless!

  2. Thank you for these additional shows from Deacon Keating. We continue to blessed, as our friends are by the accessibility and depth of the formation and teaching in these audio programs. We find we are able to enter into a much deeper level of prayer and understanding of our faith and consequently deeper conversion through theses series. Bless you for the work you are doing!

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