IP#82 Lisa Hendey – The Handbook for Catholic Moms on Inside the Pages

“The Handbook for Catholic Moms” just about has it all (and I don’t say that lightly). Whether you’re a stay at home mom, out in the work world, or one who’s nest is empty, this book has a bounty of shared experience, how-to’s, and a host of helpful spiritually nurturing helps and guides for every area of life.  It’s solidarity for the Catholic mom!  Lisa Hendey deserves high praise and thanks for being one of the first to venture out into the “digital sea”.  She serves as a fine navigator, helping us all learn how to navigate in the ever more complicated world we now find ourselves living in.  Practical, spiritual, fun, and well worth it, “The Handbook for Catholic Moms” is more than a resource, it’s a companion on the journey.  Visit CatholicMom.com, it’s great!

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