IP#282 Fr. Robert Spitzer S. J. – Finding True Happiness on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Fr.-Robert-SpitzerWhat a delight to once again talk with Fr. Robert Spitzer!  This time we discuss “Finding True Happiness: Satisifying Our Restless Hearts” Fr. Spitzer generously shares the four levels of happiness and shows how many of us have become lost while seeking the hearts deepest longing.  A fantastic book that is more than just an adventure in philosophy, it is a wonderful exploration of prayer.  An important “guidebook” to have in our backpacks on this spiritual journey.

findingtruehappinessYou can find the book here

From the book description:

Finding True Happiness attempts to provide a way out of this personal and cultural vacuum by helping people to identify and then reach for happiness. As Aristotle noted 2,400 years ago, happiness is the one thing we can choose for its own sake—everything else is chosen for the sake of happiness.

After an exhaustive investigation of philosophical, psychological, and theological systems of happiness, author Fr. Spitzer developed the “Four Levels of Happiness”, which he based on the classical thinkers Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas; the contemporary philosophers Marcel, Scheler, Buber, Ricoeur, and Jaspers; and the modern psychologists Maslow, Frankl, Erikson, Seligman, Kohlberg and Gilligan.

Finding True Happiness is both a philosophical itinerary and a practical guidebook for life’s most important journey—from the mundane and the meaningless to transcendent fulfillment. No other book currently available combines such breadth of practical advice and such depth of philosophical, psychological, and spiritual wisdom.

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