IP#358 Fr. Donald Haggerty – Contemplative Engimas on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor Podcast

Fr. Donald Haggerty Contemplative Podcast
What a delight to be joined once again by Fr. Donald Haggerty!  He has become one of our favorite spiritual writers of our present-day!  In this episode, we discuss “Contemplative Engimas:  Insights and Aid on the Path to Deeper Prayer.”  We cannot more highly recommend this beautiful work. If all you do is read a couple of pages a day that would more then enough for you to feel like you’ve been sitting at the feet of a spiritual master for an entire day!  Every page is a gem!

Contemplative enigmas Donald Haggerty PodcastYou can find the book here

From the book description:

Despite signs in recent decades of a crisis in the Church, a countercurrent of intense interest in prayer and serious spiritual life is clearly at work today. A deeper esteem for a contemplative dimension of spiritual life has accompanied this turning to prayer, and many people have a need for some form of direction and guidance. Written by a recognized expert on contemplative spirituality, this book concentrates on the mystery of interior trial and difficulty in contemplative prayer. The hardships experienced in the interior life by souls who give themselves to God wholeheartedly are often little acknowledged; yet they are seen with some regularity in contemplative lives. This work offers more than a summary of the symptoms of trial in a contemplative spirituality. The poignant observations have a source in the author’s long years of experience in retreat work with souls of contemplative depth. Personal experience, not simply knowledge of the spiritual tradition, informs these insightful reflections. The concise, carefully crafted comments of this book delve into spiritual difficulties and conundrums in a uniquely personal and penetrating manner. Throughout the book, the writing invites the reader to ponder the subject of spiritual darkness and perplexity and simple struggle in the spiritual life always in the light of the loving hand of God drawing the soul into a greater surrender to himself. The work offers a unique aid and stimulus in the quest for a deeper spirituality.

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1 thought on “IP#358 Fr. Donald Haggerty – Contemplative Engimas on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor Podcast”

  1. Thank you Discerning Hearts for your choice of speakers and podcasts. This particular dialogue with Fr. Haggarty is poignant and also easy to grasp. For me, the hunger to go deeper in prayer sometimes comes with contradictions, trials and frank lack of understandings which drives me to anchor more deeply in my trust in God and His Ways. I really appreciate having this opportunity to be validated.


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