Walk Humbly Before Your God…. In Conversation with Fr. Andrew Apostoli

“Walk Humbly Before Your God:  Simple Steps to a Virtuous Life” is an all-time favorite.  Fr. Andrew Apostoli,
member of the Franciscan Friars of the Fr.-ApostoliRenewal and a frequent host on the Eternal Word Television Network, has a beautiful way of shining new light on basic truths.  He graciously takes time to teach us on the nature of prayer,  how it develops in our lives and how we can nurture it.  He speaks on Jesus and several aspects surrounding His prayer: praise, thanksgiving, intercession, and how it aids in our suffering.  Our traditional vocal prayers, as well as the depths of contemplation are also discussed including how do we deal with distractions, .   Fr. Apostoli, a humble holy priest, is a master spiritual catechist!  Contained in this 50 minute discussion, you’ll find guidance that can last a lifetime.


You can find Fr. Apostoli’s book here

From the book description:

Christians, if they are to have any impact in today s world, have something of the same code: we fight the good fight, side by side, ready to lay down our lives for one another. Such heroism doesn t come naturally. As Walk Humbly With Your God points out, it is in the day-to-day training, in taking the simple steps to holiness, that heroism becomes second nature.

Fr. Apostoli provides an inspirational guide to conquering our faults, growing in prayer and acquiring the virtues that enable us to walk with God and live for others.

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