IP#285 Rod Dreher – How Dante Can Save Your Life on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor


Dreher’s approach helps make Dante’s work accessible.  While never claiming to be a literary scholar, he offers plenty of excellent academic commentary on the legendary 12th-century poem.  But more importantly, he helps us to see how Dante can aid us in the treacherous journey from “the head to the heart.”  For Dreher, The Divine Comedy is “a fantasy about a lost man who finds his way back to life after walking through the pits of hell, climbing up the mountains of purgatory, and ascending to the heights of heaven. But it’s really a story about real life and the incredible journey of our lives, yours and mine.”

After hearing our discussion with Rod Dreher and reading this wonderful book, you to may find yourself seeking out the wisdom found in the spiritual treasure chest known as Dante’s “Divine Comedy.”

How-DanteYou can find the book here

From the book description:

Inspiring, revelatory, and packed with penetrating spiritual, moral, and psychological insights How Dante Can Save Your Life is a book for people, both religious and secular, who find themselves searching for meaning and healing. Dante told his patron that he wrote his poem to bring readers from misery to happiness. It worked for Rod Dreher. Dante saved Rod Dreher’s life—and in this book, Dreher shows you how Dante can save yours.

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2 thoughts on “IP#285 Rod Dreher – How Dante Can Save Your Life on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor”

  1. Mr. Dreher,

    Your book has touched me so very profoundly. I too am from the south, Mississippi and haven’t lived there since 1982; our stories have much in common.
    I think we have a friend in common, George Seay in Dallas. I’d love to buy you and meal at our restaurant here in Amarillo or Muleshoe if you’re rue ever way out west Texas and chat about your book.
    May our Fathere bless you and keep you and thanks so much for writing this book about your struggles.
    Debbie & Victor Leal


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