Listening for God in Everyday Life – Dr. Joseph White on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor Podcast Special

Just the right book and just the right time.  I am delighted to be joined by Dr. Joseph White Ph.D. to discuss “Listening for God in Everyday Life.” At a time when so many are anxious and afraid, this timely new book shines a bright light in all the areas where God is seeking to console and guide us.  At a time when we may be asking “Where are you, God?”, Dr. White helps us to see the many unexpected ways in which God is present and waiting to touch our lives.  If we can begin to hear and see God in all things our relationship deepens with one who knows us better than ourselves.  We realize we are not alone, especially in our fears and struggles.  Dr. White is a nationally recognized clinical psychologist and a deep man of prayer.  He offers practical insights and questions for us to reflect on to aid our ability to listen with the ears of our hearts.

You can find the book here

From the book description:

In Listening for God in Everyday Life, author, speaker, and psychologist Joseph White shows us how to listen for God in this noisy, chaotic world. God is speaking to us all the time, but we have to learn to hear his voice. Drawing on his personal experience, Joseph reveals the means God uses to speak directly to our hearts. Some of these may even surprise you! They include

Gifts and Talents

People in Need

When we learn to hear it, God’s voice opens our hearts to his love, deepening our relationship with the one who knows us better than we know ourselves.

How is God speaking to you?

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