IP#108 T. M. Doran – Toward the Gleam on Inside the Pages

“Toward the Gleam” is a fantastic novel written by T. M. (Tom) Doran!  I love the adventure, but also the philosophical discussions which take place in the context of the story.

Just don’t take my word for it, here is what our friend Joseph Pearce had to say:

“The works of Tolkien and Lewis continue to inspire new generations of writers, most of whom are not worthy to bask in the reflected glory of their mentors. T. M. Doran is a noble and notable exception. Towards the Gleam rises above the level of parody or pastiche to reach the heights that few writers have achieved. Although it basks in the reflected glory of The Lord of the Rings and conveys inklings of That Hideous Strength, it does not merely reflect the light that Tolkien and Lewis have shone; it refracts it in exciting new directions, toward the gleam of the glorious light that is the source of all great literature.”

For more information on “Toward the Gleam” go to ignatius.com

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