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Well, it would be difficult to write a book more poignant and compelling than this…obviously, it came straight from the heart.  Amy Welborn uses her incredible gift with words to paint an unforgettable picture of how grief and regret can be transformed, by grace, into hope.  It’s  a journey on a winding, sometimes bumpy road.  But what Amy has discovered through the help of her husband Mike, her kids, the land of Sicily, and ultimately, God, is that it is really true, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.   As she says, “tragedy and joy, loss and understanding death and life are constantly mixed together…and the beauty of the Catholic faith is that it is all there….we have the whole picture.”  Its about faith, about hope, about love..and that is what is really eternal.

You can find the book here

“Amy Welborn’s latest book is a must-read spiritual treasure. It reveals not only the heart-wrenching dynamics of grief but also the odd and wonderful way grace illumines even the thickest darkness. Funny, engagingly written, spiritually profound, Wish You Were Here is a gem.”  –Fr. Robert Barron, author of Catholicism.

Be sure to visit Amy’s blog’s Charlotte Was Both  http://amywelborn.wordpress.com

and “Booked” the travel blog – http://booked.amywelborn.com

1 thought on “IP#144 Amy Welborn – Wish You Were Here on Inside the Pages”

  1. Gosh Amy, I picked up your book thinking it a fitting primer for me getting interested in a widow with 2 young boys. well she married before I finished it!
    Still, I enjoyed the book AND your. interview– it drove home the lessons I needed to soak up. Thanks so much for relating a profoundly personal story that anyone can wade into!
    I hope you and your kids are doing great. RJV, Indy


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