IP#36 Neil Lozano – Resisting the Devil on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

It’s all about conversion…continually turning towards the Lord and allowing Him to heal us.  Deliverance ministry really acknowledges the power of Jesus Christ to make all things new and to heal the damage done to us by sin and those spirits which get into our brokeness and wounds to drive us away from God.  Neil Lozano has done extraordinary work with the “Unbound Ministries” ; it truly allow us to let the Father “deliver us from evil”. This is one of the best books I have ever read on the subject.  Absolutely a must for everyone on the spiritual journey!!! “Be not afraid”, and really “all you need is love”.

find Neil’s work at www.heartofthefather.com

From the book description:

Do you feel chained to a particular sin pattern that you cannot break?

Do you still feel guilty, ashamed, and doomed to repeat a besetting sin even after receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation?

Then you may find a way to spiritual freedom through deliverance prayer.
In Resisting the Devil, author Neal Lozano shows that sometimes evil spirits tell us lies that lock us into sins and personal problems. He explains the practice of deliverance, a way of dealing with such demonic influences that is supported by the teaching and traditionof the Catholic Church.
–Learn how to recognize the activity of evil spirits
–See how deliverance from spiritual bondage can be gentle, safe, and effective –Understand how deliverance differs from exorcism and how deliverance and Reconciliation can work together–Read the testimonies of women and men who have been freed through deliverance ministry.

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  1. WOW!!!! I am so blessed to read the message, if our real enemy are the powers of Darkness then we better learn how to recognise them and defeat them through the finished work of the Cross.I must read your book


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