IP#230 Gary Michuta – Making Sense of Mary on Inside the Pages

There’s no doubt that Gary Michuta has a great love  for the Blessed Virgin Mary. In “Making Sense of Mary“, he offers  Gary-Michutarich insight and research in regards to the teachings on Our Lady.  Steeped in Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Fathers of the Church, Gary shines a beautiful light on the multi-facet diamond which is Mary, the Mother of God. Wonderful.


You can find the book here

“The world is full of nonsense when it comes to the Blessed Virgin Mary from simple confusion and ignorance to disrespect and blasphemy. Michuta has done us a great service by blowing away the fog and shining the light of clarity on a matter so important to the story of God’s salvation. Drawing from Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Councils and the Fathers of the Church, Gary helps scholars and beginners alike to understand the ABC’s of the person and role of Mary.”

Stephen K. Ray, Author of Crossing The Tiber and Host of The Footprints of God video Series “

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