IP#135 Christopher West – The Heart of the Gospel on Inside the Pages

Christopher West is a pioneer in the area known as “The Theology of the Body”, a teaching found in the Wednesday audiences of Bl. John Paul II over the course of many years.  In “The Heart of the Gospel:  Reclaiming the body of the New Evangelization”, Christopher shares his insights and deeper understandings found in over 20 years of experience with this work and it’s relevance for our faith lives today.  In the course of the book, he also answers those objections to his approach in the past.  He dives deeply into the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI, the teachings of the Saints, and above all, Sacred Scripture to find a richer expression of this important work and its message for our world today.   Below is the complete interview I had with Christopher which lasted close to an hour.  His humble, candid, honest approach to our discussion reveals  his care and concern for the subject and great love for the work given to us by our late great Holy Father, Bl. John Paul II.


You can find Christopher’s book here

“The light of the Gospel, which is a clear but at times painful light, can illumine human sexuality to its very depth in order to transform it and bring it to its full beauty. Here lies the great strength of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. In this peaceful and positive response to critics, Christopher West proves once again that he is a faithful and inspiring interpreter and communicator of this great pope’s teaching, a teaching so urgently needed for an effective proclamation of the Gospel.” —Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, cardinal archbishop of Vienna; general editor, Catechism of the Catholic Church; and grand chancellor, International Theological Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family

“Christopher West has gone to the desert … and come back stronger than ever.  Those who may previously have thought his work was one-sided in its celebration of the body and sexuality will find here, brought out more clearly than ever, the deep balance and integration that has always been the foundation of his work.” – Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of Saint Louis,  Chairman, USCCB Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations


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  1. Thank you for this solid substantive interview! I feel blessed to have heard it particularly at this time when I need to trust that God will see me though the recent major thwarting of plans to evangelize about this great work of Blessed PJPII. Thank you as always Christopher for giving us the language that speaks to the hearts of SO many!!


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