Wisdom from the Western Isles: The Hermit with David Torkington – Discerning Hearts Podcast

David Torkington, the author of Wisdom from the Western Isles has re-edited and abridged the work for broadcast; he is also the narrator. The book was published originally as three separate books: Peter Calvay – HermitPeter Calvay – Prophet and Peter Calvay – Mystic. We begin with the first part, The Hermit but including some passages from Peter Calvay – Mystic so as to give an overall view of the spiritual journey for listeners.

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Ep 1 – Wisdom from the Western Isles: The Hermit with David Torkington – Discerning Hearts Podcast

Episode 1: From Glasgow to Barra

In the first episode, the hermit, Peter Calvay, introduces himself and describes his spiritual journey, which led to him living the eremitical life on a remote island off the Scottish Outer Hebrides. James Robertson,  the academic who visits Barra with the intention of seeking spiritual help from Peter, takes up the story. He describes how he came to know of Peter and how he persuaded him to see him over a period of a week. He describes his journey on the island plane landing on the famous cockleshell beach. He arrives filled with the expectation of how Peter, the Hermit, will change his life over the forthcoming week.

David Torkington is an English Spiritual Theologian, author and speaker, specializing in Prayer, Christian Spirituality, and Mystical Theology. Educated at the Franciscan Study Centre, England, he served as Dean of Studies at the National Catholic Radio and Television Centre, London. He was an extra-mural lecturer in Mystical Theology at the Angelicum, the Dominican University in Rome, and has received invitations to speak to Religious, Monks, Diocesan Priests and laypeople from all over the world, including Equatorial Africa, where he
gave three prolonged lecture tours speaking on Christian prayer.

Visit his website:  www.davidtorkington.com

The author of the popular Peter Calvay series, his books include Wisdom from the Western Isles, Wisdom from Franciscan Italy, Wisdom from the Christian Mystics, Prayer Made Simple (CTS), and How to Pray by Our Sunday Visitor. His books have been translated into 13 different languages.