IP#267 Fr. C. John McCloskey – The Mississippi Flows into the Tiber on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

C.-John-McCloskeyWhat a delight to discuss our ongoing call to conversion with Fr. C. John McCloskey III especially as demonstrated by the hundreds of lives shared in”The Mississippi Flows Into the Tiber: A Guide to Notable American Converts to the Catholic Church” . The book, which contains a foreword and afterword by Fr. McCloskey, examines the careers and writings of almost five hundred notable converts, containing touching stories of all shapes and sizes. English author John Beaumont, after the success of his initial book “Roads to Rome”, has brought to us an exhaustive, fascinating work that inspires with every page.


You can find the book here

“[A]n inspiring work that covers nearly five hundred eminent American converts who lived from the 17th to the 21st century. In each of these entries, which are in alphabetical order, we find a succinct biography and, when known, one or more causes of conversion, often in the person’s own words. The entries range from part of a page to several pages, with citations from the subjects’ writings. A list of sources is also provided. This book will surely prove to be an invaluable reference work, but more importantly, it is a collection of priceless testimonies, well worth pondering at leisure.”

–Anne Barbeau Gardiner, Culture Wars.

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