IP#95 Monsignor Paul Tighe – The Pontifical Council for Social Communications on Inside the Pages

While in Rome, I had the opportunity to speak with a very busy, but extraordinarily gracious,  Mons. Paul Tighe who serves as the Secretary for The Pontifical Council for Social Communication. The Council was hosting a gathering of bloggers from around the world in order to begin a dialogue concerning the varied aspects of the new media, and in particular the role of the blogger in the new evangelization.  This meeting was held on May 2 in Rome, the day after the beatification of Blessed John Paul II, the herald of this “New Evangelization”.  What will this “New Evagnelization” look like  in the light of technological advancements?  How will the various forms of “traditional” media converge to effectively communicate the message?  Who is the “Catholic blogger” and what is the hoped for behavior of the new evanglizer?  How can those seeking find Truth on the internet?  What (or better yet Who) is Truth?  These questions and so many more are discussed with Mons Tighe in this special edition of “Inside the Pages”.


Learn more about the work of the Ponitfical Council for Social Communication at www.pccs.va

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