IP#297 Fr. George Rutler – He Spoke To Us part 1 on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

fr_rutlerThe master storyteller, Fr. George Rutler, brings to us an incredible teachings with his book  “He Spoke to Us: Discerning God in People and Events”.   In the essays contained within this engaging work, Fr. Rutler provides for us a facet of discernment which involves recognizing the movements  God in the lives of others, which in turn helps to see similar activity that might occur in our own life experience.  Always a joy to talk with Fr. Rutler.

51tprbY43PL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_You can find the book here

“Father Rutler’s book is not just charming and informative, but a delight. He knows and remembers so many things that each chapter is a new experience of something in history, theology, literature, or just common sense.”

–Fr. James Schall, S.J., Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University

“Father Rutler is a man of parts: graduate of Dartmouth, Oxford, and Rome’s Angelicum; linguist, painter, violinist, and boxer; preacher extraordinaire. One of Catholicism’s most successful pastors, he has been a magnet attracting converts and vocations for decades. Fr. Rutler is also that contemporary clerical rarity–an accomplished man of letters who writes as gracefully as he speaks.” –George Weigel, Author, Evangelical Catholicism

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