IP#32 – George Weigel – The End and The Beginning on Inside the Pages

George Weigel give us “The End and The Beginning:  Pope John Paul II – The Victory of of Freedom, The Last Years, The Legacy”. What a tremendous blessing to reflect once again on the life of a modern day saint…our very own late great Holy Father, John Paul II.  George Weigel doesn’t disappoint.  The first part of the book  reads like a spy novel…even more compelling because it’s true.  The second part, covers the last 6 years of the Pope John Paul’s life, the jubilee and so much more.  The last part sets the stage for a legacy which will be reflected and pondered on for generations, if not centuries.  It’s as much our story as Church as it is the life of  Pope John Paul II.  Don’t miss this one…it is essential reading!!!


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