IP#35 Gary Michuta – How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids on Inside the Pages

It was great to speak with Gary Michuta about his new book How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids. There’s a big difference between nuturing community faith sharing and destructive “sheep stealing” that occurs with “religious” proselytizing.  Each year, thousands of Catholics fall prey to the manipulative and deceptive recruiting practices of non-Catholic groups, sects, and cults. Gary’s new book provides parents with critical information about how these groups recruit and what steps you can take to protect yourself and your children.

visit Gary’s website www.handsonapologetics.com

1 thought on “IP#35 Gary Michuta – How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids on Inside the Pages”

  1. Yes, Gary, I did this for years. So did my husband, Tom. We were really ignorant of the Catholic faith. I don’t mean to use ignorant as stupid, but not informed. I, more than, Tom had bad input all of my life, as I had a dear Christian Grandmother whose lips turned purple when she said, “CATHOLIC!” and really made me feel, when I was young, that they might kidnap me. It was that bad. I was told not to go into a home 2 doors away because, as I said, “Grandmother, they have this beautiful doll in the little opening where we keep our phone. She is so beautiful and they have lights around her.” My Grandmother went bezerk. So you see so many of us out there wooed people away from the Catholic faith feeling we were saving them. Pray for those people who do not know Truth about the Catholic faith.

    My husband and I both taught the Bible, knew the Word, loved the Lord, were active in the Christian faith and, actually so active we never had time to just study Church History; not until we were 70 and 76. Then the Grace of GOD moved in our lives and we discovered the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church was the One Jesus had spoken of in Matthew 16 when he gave these keys to Peter.

    Remember these are “good and honest” people who know the Word – I am not talking of cults, who often live a better life that most people. People need to know the things they believe that are NOT true. When I read Karl Keating’s book about What Catholics Really Believe – 52 Misconceptions, I blushed as I was so embarrassed how little I knew. We had started reading and studying a bit about Catholics. It was amazing.

    We also have a friend who came into Full Communion – from Dallas Seminary at that – strong believer – had pastored several good churches. He had been give another book by Keathing, Catholicism and Fundamentalism, and had brought it with him to a conference – thinking it was on his side. Well, it turned out to be! He wept in his room at the hotel as he read it. He would go to the meetings, run back up to the room and read it again every time there was a break. He cried out to God when he realized he had taught so many wrong things. When he went home from the conference, he had finished the book; he went home to announce to his wife that they were going to become Catholic. They did! She had no problem as she trusted her husband.

    I don’t know if this is encouraging to you or not but the minute I saw your book here, I knew I wanted to tell you this. You need to know that any solid protestant Christian is thinking they need to bring people out of Catholicism. Just the name “Protest”ant means that. Expect it. If they really believe what they are taught, they have to come save us. We need to know a bit of their jargon and the answers we are to give.


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