IP#484 Fr. Aaron Wessman – The Church’s Mission in a Polarized World, Part 2 on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor podcast

Part 2 of our conversation with Fr. Aaron Wessman on  “The Church’s Mission in a Polarized World

In The Church’s Mission in a Polarized World, Fr. Aaron Wessman shines a light on the increasingly polarized times we live in, from vitriolic rhetoric on social media to deep division within families, friends, workplaces, and parish communities. This is a powerful call for us to put aside our anger and that which fuels it, and to follow God’s call to bring Christ’s light to our fractured world.

You can find the book here.

From the book description:

“Christians and other people of good will are longing for a response that can lead the way out of the divisiveness and vitriol of our times. I wrote this book to provide some assistance to readers to discern a way out of the toxicity in which we live, and to stimulate courage and hope, so that all people can see the age in which we live more clearly and respond with the grace necessary to follow more fully the call God has spoken—a missionary call to deepen Christ’s incarnational movement in our world.”
-Fr. Robert Aaron Wessman

About the Author: Fr. Robert Aaron Wessman, a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, is the 1 st -Vice- President (Vicar General) and Director of Formation for the Glenmary Home Missioners. He has a PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) in Systematic Theology (2019). He serves as an at-large board member for the Conference of Major Superiors of Men Religious (CMSM) and is a guest lecturer at St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology. The religious order he belongs to, Glenmary, is a missionary society of apostolic life of the Catholic Church that conducts mission in rural, poor, and non-Catholic areas of the United States, primarily in the southeast and Appalachia. Visit glenmary.org for more information.