IP#218 Dick Lyles – Answer Your Call on Inside the Pages with Kris McGregor

Dick-LylesI cannot recommend a book more highly than this,  “Answer Your Call: Reclaim God’s Purpose For Faith, Family, and Work” is OUTSTANDING! The combined gifts of  Dick and Martha Lyles have brought us must a gem which serves as a practical everyday guide for prayer and discernment.  The book description below and the interview I have with Dick can provide just some of the reasons why this work is so important, but neither really goes far enough.  I have heard from so many men and women looking for spiritual directors, guides, mentors, anyone or anything that could help them to respond to that “still, small voice” deep inside themselves; here is the book I’ll now tell them to start with.  While this isn’t the answer to all questions and quests, this is work offers a great start and foundation.  Great for individual study, as well as for groups.  For pastors, deacons, pastoral ministers, parents, but most importantly, for the every day man or woman trying to “answer God’s call”!

Answer-Your-CallYou can find the book here

From the book description:

Answer Your Call helps Christians discern their purpose from a Catholic perspective—think of it as a Catholic response to The Purpose Driven Life. Building on the premise that every person has a unique set of natural gifts meant to be used in concert with God’s supernatural graces, readers will find practical insights on what prevents someone from hearing and responding to God’s call, as well as how to reclaim and live their calling in the home, workplace, and community. Answer Your Call goes beyond mere theory, using key questions, short quizzes, and practical exercises to help the reader implement the material. You’ll learn:

  • What causes us to lose sight of God’s presence
  • How we lose touch with our natural gifts
  • The three dimensions of our divine call
  • Understanding discernment in relation to purpose and call
  • How you can plan to implement your call

Interspersed with Scripture and Catechism quotes, as well as wisdom from popes and saints, Answer Your Call will guide you to carry out God’s purpose in every dimension of your life.

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