Dr. Matthew Bunson – Insights on the Church Yesterday and Today

Dr. Matthew Bunson - Insights on the Church Yesterday and Today 2

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DC33 St. Anthony of Padua – The Doctors of the Church: The Charism of Wisdom w/ Dr. Matthew Bunson 1

Dr. Bunson is on the faculty of the Catholic Distance University where he teaches Church History, including Catholic-Islamic relations and Medieval and American Catholic History. In addition, he is a contributing editor and columnist for This Rock magazine and moderator of the Church History forum for EWTN.com.

Dr. Bunson has also served as a consultant to MSNBC, NBC News, CBS Radio, and the BBC, as well as other media outlets. He was special consultant on Catholic affairs for USA Today during its coverage of the 2005 papal funeral and conclave. He appears regularly as a guest on Relevant Radio and Catholic Answers Live and hosts the radio program “Faithworks” for Redeemer Radio.

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