St. Catherine of Siena, our spiritual “mamma”, teach us to love Christ and the Church with courage

Vatican City –From Pope Benedict’s Wednesday General Audience from Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today I would like to talk to you about a woman who played an eminent role in the history of the Church: St Catherine of Siena. The century in which she lived — the 14th — was a troubled period in … Read more

IP#49 Dr. Matthew Bunson – Pope Benedict’s Verbum Domini part 1 on Inside the Pages

A very special edition of “Inside the Pages” as we explore Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Exhortation, “Verbum Domini” (The Word of the Lord), with Dr. Matthew Bunson. A magnificent gift for the Church, Dr. Bunson breaks open in part 1 of our discussion the significance of the document and how it was comprised.  We encourage you to … Read more

St. Bridget of Sweden…a “powerful example of feminine sanctity” – Discerning Hearts

On the eve of the Great Jubilee in anticipation of the Year 2000 the Venerable Servant of God John Paul II proclaimed St Bridget of Sweden Co-Patroness of the whole of Europe. This morning I would like to present her, her message and the reasons why — still today — this holy woman has much to teach the Church and the world.

We are well acquainted with the events of St Bridget’s life because her spiritual fathers compiled her biography in order to further the process of her canonization immediately after her death in 1373. Bridget was born 70 years earlier, in 1303, in Finster, Sweden, a Northern European nation that for three centuries had welcomed the Christian faith with the same enthusiasm as that with which the Saint had received it from her parents, very devout people who belonged to noble families closely related to the reigning house.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary “It Is Christ Whom You Have Washed, Fed and Looked After”

From Pope Benedict’s General Wednesday Audience from Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today I would like to speak to you about one of the women of the Middle Ages who inspired the greatest admiration; she is St Elizabeth of Hungary, also called St Elizabeth of Thuringia. Elizabeth was born in 1207; historians dispute her birthplace. … Read more

St. Hildegard…once again Pope Benedict XVI speaks

Once again the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI speaks of the importance of St. Hildegard of Bingen. Vatican City – Pope Benedict’s General Audience from Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today I would like to take up and continue my Reflection on St Hildegard of Bingen, an important female figure of the Middle Ages who … Read more

Pope Paul the VI Institute Minutes

Pope Paul the VI Institute Minutes Real Solutions to Real Problems A-011: Introduction to Real Solutions to Real Problems A-012: Church’s Teaching on Sexuality and Married Love-Relevant and Valued and Married Love-Relevant and Valued A-013: Introduction to CrMS A-014: NaProTechnology-Research Validated A-015: Introduction to Women Healed Humanae Vitae: A Call to Men of Science A-021: … Read more

Deacon James Keating PhD – Discerning Hearts Podcasts

Back To Home Entrance Back To Spiritual Formation Back To Spiritual Directors Resting on the Heart of Christ with Deacon James Keating PhD Here are the various series on Prayer and Spirituality Heart of Hope: Suffering and the Cross The Heart of Hope Podcasts Baptism: Born from Above Baptism: Born from Above Podcasts Communion with ... Read more

St. Rose of Lima – 1st canonized saint of the Americas…what true beauty is, true beauty does

St. Rose of Lima, is the 1st person canonized a saint in the Americas and is considered the patron of Latin America and the Philippines. Her story is really as lovely as her name.  Born Isabel (which in itself means Beauty) in 1586, she was so beautiful that they simply called her Rose.   She felt a special relationship … Read more

IP#17 Patrick Coffin – “Sex au Naturel” on Inside the Pages

Patrick Coffin does a fantastic job breaking open “Humane Vitae”, Natural Family Planning, and the beauty of marital love in his book  “Sex au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good for Your Marriage”.  Listeners of “Catholic Answers Live” know Patrick Coffin is well-learned in many areas of Catholic life, and that he brings to all those … Read more