BKL226 – St. Padre Pio and the Healing of the Church – Building a Kingdom of Love w/ Msgr. John Esseff podcast

Msgr. Esseff reflects on the life and teachings of St. Padre Pio.  He shares personal stories from his relationship with St. Pio.St.-Pio-10

St. Padre Pio Communion Prayer:

Stay with me, Lord, for it is necessary to have you present so that I do not forget You. You know how easily I abandon You

Stay with me, Lord, for You are my life and without You I am without fervor.

Stay with me, Lord, for You are my light and without You I am in darkness.

Stay with me, Lord, so that I hear Your voice and follow You.

Stay with me, Lord, for I desire to love You very much and alway be in Your company.

Stay with me, Lord, if You wish me to be faithful to You.

Stay with me, Lord, as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for You, a nest of Love.

Stay with me, Jesus, for it is getting late and the day is coming to a close and life passes, death, judgment and eternity approach. It is necessary to renew my strenth, so that I will not stop along the way and for that, I need You. It is getting late and death approaches, I fear the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the cross, the sorrows. O how I need You, my Jesus, in this night of exile!

Stay with me tonight, Jesus, in life with all its dangers, I need You.

Let me recognize You as Your disciples did at the breaking of the bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the Light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart.

Stay with me, Lord, because at the hour of my death, I want to remain united to You, if not by Communion, at least by grace and love.

Stay with me, Lord, for it is You alone I look for, Your Love, Your Grace, Your Will, Your Heart, Your Spirit, because I love You and ask no other reward but to love You more and more.

With a firm love, I will love You with all my heart while on earth and continue to love You perfectly during all eternity. Amen.

Prayers for Spiritual Healing with Msgr. Esseff – Mp3 audio prayer and text – Discerning Hearts

Msgr John Esseff offers the following prayers.  



The following prayer covers most of the significant areas of forgiveness. Often, such a prayer will bring to mind other areas that need forgiveness. Let the Holy Spirit move freely and guide your mind to persons or groups that you need to forgive. This is especially useful before confession.

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask today to forgive everyone in my life. I know that You will give me the strength to forgive and I thank You that You love me more than I love myself and want my happiness more than I desire it for myself.

Father, I forgive Your for the times death has come into my family, hard times, financial difficulties, or that I thought were punishments sent by You and people said “It’s God;s will,” and I became bitter and resentful toward You. Purify my heart and mind today.

Lord, I forgive MYSELF for my sins, faults and failings, for all that is bad in myself or that I think is bad, I forgive myself. For any delvings in superstition, using ouija boards, horoscopes, going to seances, using fortune telling or wearing lucky charms, I reject all that superstition and choose You alone as my Lord and Savior. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

I further forgive myself for taking Your name in vain, not worshipping You by attending church, for hurting my parents, getting drunk, for sins against purity, bad books, bad movies, fornication, adultery, homosexuality. You have forgiven me, today I forgive myself.

Also for abortion, stealing, lying, defrauding, hurting people’s reputation, I forgive myself.

I truly forgive my MOTHER, I forgive her for all the times she hurt me, she resented me, she was angry with me and for all the times she prefered my brothers and sisters to me. I forgive her for the times she told me I was dumb, ugly, stupid, the worst of the children or that I cost the family a lot of money. For the times she told me I was unwanted, an accident, a mistake or not what she expected, I forgive her.

I forgive my FATHER. I forgive him for any non-support, any lack of love, affection or attention. I forgive him for any lack of time, for not giving me his companionship, for his drinking, arguing and fighting with my mother or the other children. For his severe punishments, for desertion, for being away from home, for divorcing my mother or for any running around, I do forgive him.

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BKL#3 – Building a Kingdom of Love w/ Msgr. John Esseff – “The Gift of Nothing”

Show 3 ” Building a Kingdom of Love” – “The Gift of Nothing.“

Msgr. Esseff begins by reading a passage from the book “The Gift of Nothing” by Patrick McDonnell.  He discusses how we all think what we will need “something,” but Msgr. Esseff helps us to see what God desires for us to see “the gift of nothing.”  What we desire deep down is intimacy.  Msgr. Esseff offers how Jesus reaches out to us in Divine Love…the Bread of Life.  The Eucharist offers intimacy, will we accept the gift?

Msgr. John A. Esseff is a Roman Catholic priest in the Diocese of Scranton.  He was ordained on May 30, 1953, by the late Bishop William J. Hafey, D.D. at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Scranton, PA.  Msgr. Esseff served a retreat director and confessor to St. Mother Teresa.    He continues to offer direction and retreats for the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity around the world.  Msgr. Esseff encountered St. Padre Pio,  who would become a spiritual father to him.  He has lived in areas around the world,  serving in the Pontifical Missions, a Catholic organization established by St. John Paul II to bring the Good News to the world especially to the poor.  Msgr. Esseff assisted the founders of the Institute for Priestly Formation and continues to serve as a spiritual director for the Institute.  He continues to serve as a retreat leader and spiritual director to bishops, priests and sisters and seminarians and other religious leaders around the world.   He is the President of the Board of the Pope Leo XIII Institute School of Exorcism.




Exorcism and Deliverance – What is the difference? – Discerning Hearts

Part 1: Msgr. Esseff describes the difference between Exorcism and Deliverance:

The role of the Bishop and the priest.  The power we have by virtue of our baptism. What is possession?  What is a curse?  The rite of Exorcism and the need for inner healing of the individual.  The ministry of Deliverance and how it differs from the need for Exorcism.  Addictions that effect the person and how . Priests and gifted individuals work in harmony to free the person from the evil spirit.  The wounds that contribute to the affliction experienced by the individual.  The need to distinguish between spiritual pain and psychological pain, and the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation….”one good confession is worth 100 exorcisms.”  The role of the laity today in deliverance ministry.

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In part 2, after the intial recording, Msgr. Esseff  answers various questions posed on various topics:

The priesthood and the role of spiritual healing.  Do we give the devil too much credit?  The role of Mary. The power of the Cross.  How do slip back into oppression or sin?  How can we prevent that?  The power of prayer in temptation.

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A Prayer to Take Authority – a prayer and teaching from Msgr. Esseff – Discerning Hearts

A Prayer to Take Authority

A Prayer to Take AuthorityMsgr. Esseff teaches about the need for healing, protection and deliverance. Msgr. Esseff discusses the importance of the “Our Father”. He then leads the following prayer:

In the name of Jesus, I take authority and I bind all the powers and forces in the air, in the ground, in the water, in the underground, in the netherworld, in nature and in fire.  You are the Lord over the entire universe and I give you the glory for your creation.  In your name, I bind all demonic forces that have come against us and our families and I seal all of us in the protection of your precious blood that was shed for us on the cross.

Mary Our Mother, we seek your protection and intercession, with the Sacred heart of Jesus, for us and our families and surround us with your mantle of love to discourage the enemy.

St. Michael and our Guardian Angels, come and defend us and our families in battle against all the evil ones that roam the earth.

In the name of Jesus, I bind and command all the powers and forces of evil to depart right now away from us, our families, our homes, and our lands and I cast you at the foot of the cross to remain there forever. And I thank you Lord Jesus for you are a faithful and compassionate God, Amen.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed be the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

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St. Padre Pio and bilocation – Msgr. Esseff describes his first encounter – Discerning Hearts

Msgr. Esseff describes his first encounter with Padre Pio at Mary Pyle’s house in San Giovanni Rotondo in 1959 and bearing witness to the saint’s charism of bilocation. He talks of becoming one of Padre Pio’s spiritual children and directee. Msgr. then discusses the experience of being present at one of St. Pio’s masses.

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St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Msgr. John Esseff – Discerning Hearts

Upon visiting the Chapel of the Apparition in Paray le Monial during the 1st Sacred Heart World Congress, Msgr. Esseff reflects on the meaning of the Sacred Heart for St. Margaret Mary, her experience and ours today.

At that particular moment it felt as though there was a beating of the Sacred Heart, similiar to what must have been experienced by St. Margaret Mary. “Behold the heart that has loved so much that has received so little love in return.”


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The Side Altar and Main Sanctuary of the Chapel of Apparition
The Body of St. Margaret Mary at rest where the visitation took place
The Sanctuary image above the altar

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Ancestry, and Spiritual Warfare


Msgr. Esseff reflects on the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the area of spiritual warfare.  He encourages all listeners to engage in a deep reflection on their own ancestry (particularly their parents) and it’s possible influence on our own spiritual battles.

reading 2 Gal 4:4-7

Brothers and sisters:
When the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son,
born of a woman, born under the law,
to ransom those under the law,
so that we might receive adoption as sons.
As proof that you are sons,
God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,
crying out, “Abba, Father!”
So you are no longer a slave but a son,
and if a son then also an heir, through God.

Gospel Lk 2:16-21

The shepherds went in haste to Bethlehem and found Mary and Joseph,
and the infant lying in the manger.
When they saw this,
they made known the message
that had been told them about this child.
All who heard it were amazed
by what had been told them by the shepherds.
And Mary kept all these things,
reflecting on them in her heart.
Then the shepherds returned,
glorifying and praising God
for all they had heard and seen,
just as it had been told to them.

When eight days were completed for his circumcision,
he was named Jesus, the name given him by the angel
before he was conceived in the womb.


The Prinicipal and Foundation of Prayer and Discernment: a teaching from Msgr. John Esseff – Discerning Hearts

I had the opportunity to speak with Msgr. Esseff, who  is conducting a spiritual retreat for the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity in Sydney, Australia.  He shares with us the teachings from the first day, which is on the principal and foundation of prayer as taught by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Msgr. Esseff begins by reflecting on the Awe of God and the difference between “being” and “becoming”.  He shares a special memory of an experience that helped him to understand this which occurred when he was a young boy on his grandfather’s farm.  Many years later, he would learn this was a basic teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on the nature of God and creation.  God is being and creation (including man) is becoming.

With that foundation, Msgr. Esseff proceeds to teach us that all of our are becoming therefore because mankind has a soul and has the capacity for reflection, we have the power to glorify God.  That is the first call we have, to glorify God.  To often we focus on our selves and what serves our needs.  St. Ignatius would say, that instead when faced with a decision or direction, each human being is called to discern, to ask whether if this is what God wants or is this is what I want.  The key is to take ask the Father “What do you want us to do?”  This is discernment at its basic level.



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Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta: reflections by Msgr. Esseff – Discerning Hearts

Msgr. Esseff reflects on Blessed Mother Teresa whom he met in 1984 in Beruit, Lebanon. Msgr. Esseff worked alongside Blessed Mother Teresa in Calcutta, Lebanon, West Africa, Haiti and elsewhere and would go on to serve as a spiritual director and confessor for Mother Teresa and her sisters.  (The last few minutes of the reflection are particularly poignant)

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