Exorcism and Deliverance – What is the difference? – Discerning Hearts

Part 1: Msgr. Esseff describes the difference between Exorcism and Deliverance:

The role of the Bishop and the priest.  The power we have by virtue of our baptism. What is possession?  What is a curse?  The rite of Exorcism and the need for inner healing of the individual.  The ministry of Deliverance and how it differs from the need for Exorcism.  Addictions that effect the person and how . Priests and gifted individuals work in harmony to free the person from the evil spirit.  The wounds that contribute to the affliction experienced by the individual.  The need to distinguish between spiritual pain and psychological pain, and the need for the Sacrament of Reconciliation….”one good confession is worth 100 exorcisms.”  The role of the laity today in deliverance ministry.

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In part 2, after the intial recording, Msgr. Esseff  answers various questions posed on various topics:

The priesthood and the role of spiritual healing.  Do we give the devil too much credit?  The role of Mary. The power of the Cross.  How do slip back into oppression or sin?  How can we prevent that?  The power of prayer in temptation.

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