IP#82 Lisa Hendey – The Handbook for Catholic Moms on Inside the Pages

“The Handbook for Catholic Moms” just about has it all (and I don’t say that lightly). Whether you’re a stay at home mom, out in the work world, or one who’s nest is empty, this book has a bounty of shared experience, how-to’s, and a host of helpful spiritually nurturing helps and guides for every area of life.  It’s solidarity for the Catholic mom!  Lisa Hendey deserves high praise and thanks for being one of the first to venture out into the “digital sea”.  She serves as a fine navigator, helping us all learn how to navigate in the ever more complicated world we now find ourselves living in.  Practical, spiritual, fun, and well worth it, “The Handbook for Catholic Moms” is more than a resource, it’s a companion on the journey.  Visit CatholicMom.com, it’s great!

IP#35 Gary Michuta – How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids on Inside the Pages

It was great to speak with Gary Michuta about his new book How to Wolf-Proof Your Kids. There’s a big difference between nuturing community faith sharing and destructive “sheep stealing” that occurs with “religious” proselytizing.  Each year, thousands of Catholics fall prey to the manipulative and deceptive recruiting practices of non-Catholic groups, sects, and cults. Gary’s new book provides parents with critical information about how these groups recruit and what steps you can take to protect yourself and your children.

visit Gary’s website www.handsonapologetics.com

IP#31 Conn Iggulden – Dangerous Book of Heroes on Inside the Pages

The most dangerous thing about Conn and David Iggulden’s book is that you’ll be inspired to heroism. From George Washington to Edith Cavell, from The Women of the SOE to Flight 93, the Dangerous Book of Heroes inspires young and old…it’s what good story telling is all about.  Some stories may be a little more than some very young listeners can take in, but don’t let that stop you from diving in yourself….the very best stories are the one’s we grow into.  Conn Iggulden and his brother David have given us all a gift.


You can find more about the book here

IP#17 Patrick Coffin – “Sex au Naturel” on Inside the Pages

Patrick Coffin does a fantastic job breaking open “Humane Vitae”, Natural Family Planning, and the beauty of marital love in his book  “Sex au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good for Your Marriage”.  Listeners of “Catholic Answers Live” know Patrick Coffin is well-learned in many areas of Catholic life, and that he brings to all those discussions the right degree of good humor and joy about the Catholic faith.  He does the same in this book.  Pick up a copy for yourselves, your pastor, and any couple you know preparing for marriage…it’s a good thing.

Patrick’s book can be found at emmausroad.org

Patrick’s website is located at patrickcoffin.net