The Hope in Difficult Times DH Retreat – A conversation with Fr. Timothy Gallagher


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Spiritual Conferences, time for personal prayer, Daily Mass, opportunities for Confession, and Daily Holy Hours all set in the backdrop of the beautiful quiet atmosphere of the St. Benedict Center, in Schuyler, Nebraska, USA

The In-Person Retreat –

This experience is for those who wish to retreat into an atmosphere of shared simplicity, a time of reflection, prayer, and social interaction.  The aim of the retreat is to help individuals integrate Christian spirituality more fully in their own lives and their families, as well as the world around them.

The sessions comprise of an initial lecture, individual silent reading on selected texts, small-group discussion, and big group sharing then synthesis. The directors of the seminar initially will present the texts, and the group coordinators will guide the discussions.

The celebration of the Holy Eucharist will be offered daily. Reconciliation will be available, as well as times of Eucharistic Adoration.


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Spiritual Conferences for 4 days, special group webinar Q and A with Fr. Timothy Gallagher, and access to all seminar videos after the event

The Webinar Conferences

This experience is for those who cannot attend the extensive in-person retreat.  You will be able to access the 8 conference talks and handouts offered during the retreat.

There will be an opportunity for the webinar community to have exclusive Q & A sessions with Fr. Gallagher.

Webinar participants will have access to archived videos following the retreat.

Hope in Difficult TimesFr. Timothy Gallagher OMV

– Are you challenged by the daily struggles in your life?
– Have your plans for your life changed in ways you never expected?
– Are you anxious about the events that swirl around you, financial concerns, culture shifts, and upheavals on the local and world stage?
– Are you fearful for the future of children, family members, and other loved ones as you see them struggle?
– Has your trust and faith in God been shaken by illnesses and even the death of loved ones?

This retreat is for those who are looking for hope in difficult times! 

Fr. Timothy Gallagher reflects on the lives of  St. Thérèse, Sts. Zelie and Louis, Servant of God Leonie, and many others from the Martin family during this special time of retreat!   The retreatants will often hear in the family’s own words, through their letters and other writings, how they too were challenged by the same things that affect us today.  How they struggled and persevered through all the above questions to become the beloved family of saints we know today.

Is this type of trust in God and holiness really possible for us?  Yes, it is!  It is a challenge, sometimes painfully so, but the good news is that we are not alone!

During this retreat, you will learn more about the Martin family and the sometimes harrowing struggles they endured during their lifetimes, both individually and together as a family.  Their witness of love for God and for each other shines like a beacon for all of us who struggle on the stormy seas of life.

You will also meet those saintly friends that assisted the Martin’s in their spiritual journey!  St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (the family believed her intercession aided the healing of a very sick Leonie as a child), St. Augustine (a favorite of St. Louis), St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila, and even St. Clare of Assisi (did you know St. Zelie was a Third Order Franciscan?).  And in the center of them all, we will find the tender loving care of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the burning love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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