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Episode 2 – The Cross of Christ teaches us… – First Week

In “The Power of the Cross”, Michael Dubruiel penned a truly exceptional meditation on the Cross of Christ which serves beautifully as a source for reflection any time of the year, but it is particularly poignant and compelling during the weeks of Lent. Several years ago Bruce and I had the chance to have a series of conversations with Michael during Lent using his book for reflection…it was a big hit with the audience. Those discussions have been remastered and made available once again here. Michael died unexpectedly in of February 2009, but his gifts continue to be shared through his books and many other venues, and hopefully through this humble portal. The sentiments and teachings Michael offers is truly timeless.

Episode 2 – The Cross of Christ teaches us… – Michael discusses:

Day 1 – Our Mission
Day 2 – To Live the Gospel
Day 3 – How to Pray
Day 4 – About Repentance
Day 5 – How to Trust and Give Thanks
Day 6 – Reconciliation
Day 7 – How to Love

Michael’s wife, author Amy Welborn, has made “The Power of the Cross” available as a free e-book available over the internet !  I HIGHLY encourage you to download this exceptional work…there also plans to make it once again available as a paperback book.

The Power of the Cross is now available as a free e-book,
check out more information by going here

Check out more at the Discerning Hearts’ Michael Dubruiel page

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